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Where Angels Nest

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The setting for this story is the Bay Area of Northern California. Captain John Perry DeMilo and his daughter, Laura Leah. are the principle characters that will hold you spellbound as each suspenseful chapter reveals new evils. The reader is caught up in an emotional roller coaster ride, as this young woman struggles with worldly temptations, often in turmoil with her passions. Where Angel’s Nest is a true page turner and a must read for those who believe that Good always prevails over Evil.


Reader Reviews

“A wonderful story full of mystery and drama, it makes you wonder how is it going to end in every chapter you read, there is also something really special in this book that makes it unique!”     – Janet Gallegos

“On a personal level, I see this story, as a tale of humanity’ ability to turn innocence into wrechedness, of how we are able to twist the perceptions of many, and on how it is that we can seek to destroy (in others), the proverbial carrot-on-a-stick that we all chase in our own journey thru Life. “Where Angels Nest” is a look at both sides of the very nature of ourselves at our most unbridled version, a look at what we fear becoming.”     – Juan A. Duran

“I was so captivated by his latest novel ‘Where Angels Nest’ I started reading and didn’t put it down until I finished the last chapter. I was consumed with completing the book after the very first page, anticipating every new chapter.
I find myself hoping others have the opportunity to read ‘Where Angels Nest’.
My best wishes to the Author with hopes of more books to come.”     – Daniel Eddy

“Such a good book, makes a person stop and think of all the evil that surrounds a person and how we must stay strong and always take care of our actions and thoughts. We have it in us but sometimes we lose sight of the good in us.”     – Marian Lester

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