Where Angels Nest -  (Amazon Link)    whereangelsnest

By Richard J. Lester
The setting for this story is the Bay Area of Northern California. Captain John Perry DeMilo and his daughter, Laura Leah. are the principle characters that will hold you spellbound as each suspenseful chapter reveals new evils. The reader is caught up in an emotional roller coaster ride, as this young woman struggles with worldly temptations, often in turmoil with her passions. Where Angel’s Nest is a true page turner and a must read for those who believe that Good always prevails over Evil.



Our Names Are Written in Blood  (Available Now!)

By Richard J. Lester

This story leads the reader to two countries, The United States and Ireland.
The tale unfolds in Minnesota and other interesting areas of America and The Emerald Isle. The protagonists are a young medical student, a father, a medical doctor, their families, a prostitute from the south of Ireland and her American girlfriend. They will spellbind the reader through situations that include the unresolved murder and reappearance of the missing prostitute.  It involves a Catholic priest, Protestants, his father, the IRA, a prison break in northern Ireland and many aspects of life as we know it.  A great read.

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The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang: 1942 – The War Years  (Amazon Link)

By Royal T. Honeycutt
The first book in this series/ trilogy

Twisters, Ghosts, and Good Old-Fashioned Fun In the first of this three-part series, we meet Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro, and the rest of the gang of boys from Tory Forks, Minnesota. Their adventures will take them from fishing and swimming to tornados, illegal moonshine stills, and a visit to the cemetery in search of the ghost of Mr. Swartz and the tree from which he hanged himself. Lose yourself in the year 1943, a time when people take “love thy neighbor” to heart, and the pain of war is shared by all.


 By Royal T. HoneycuttBuckfartbook2
The second book in this series/trilogy
 The boys are back! And this time they’re up against some BIG challenges. In the second book of the Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang trilogy, a group of teenagers from a small farming community in the Midwest find themselves high in the Trinity Alps, facing challenges beyond their wildest dreams. Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the gang head to California, looking for adventure. They leave the Bay area on their uncle’s fishing boat and travel north to the harbor of Trinidad,



Run, Bobby, Run! (Amazon Link)

By Richard J. Lester

Run Bobby Run is a tantalizing adventure! Just when you think the last of the UFO phenomenon is finished, the best story is now revealed.”   -NEW YORK TIMES.
“RUN BOBBY RUN, is a exceptional read, possibly the best UFO story of all times”   -SANTA FE REPORTER.