The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang
Kill the Big One at Hawkins Bar

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang is an action and adventure tale written by Royal T. Honeycutt. Seabiscuit, his brother and their friends are going west to visit with their Uncle Dom and Aunt Darcie in California. First, they’ll be travelling on their uncle’s fishing boat and helping with the catch. Then, they’ll be staying and working on their aunt and uncle’s ranch. While they’re on the boat, everyone’s a bit tense about the war and the reports that Japanese submarines are off the California coast. It’s 1944, and the war is in full swing. While he’s thrilled with the trip and the upcoming vacation, Seabiscuit can’t help but wince when Uncle Dom starts shooting the porpoises that are eating the fish in their nets. While he understands what Uncle Dom is saying about survival, it still feels wrong, and he can’t help but say something.

Royal T. Honeycutt’s historical adventure tale, The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang, is marvelous! The story is told by 14-year-old Seabiscuit, who plans on being a writer some day. His narration is accompanied by Rochelle Lester-Rosenkild’s eloquent pencil and charcoal sketches, and I soon felt like I was experiencing the gang’s adventures first-hand. Honeycutt’s story is well-plotted and filled with descriptions of the wilderness of 1940s Northern California. The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang is also a great coming of age story, complete with Seabiscuit’s incredulous response to Jennie’s overtures. He’s not quite into girls yet, and the love poem he writes at her request is a riot. I had so much fun reading this book! It’s got action, adventure, nature, history and a great cast of characters. The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang is most highly recommended.

The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang
1942 – The War Years

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

Boys will always get into entertaining mischief in The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang by Royal T. Honeycutt. These boys have one of the best summers, despite the repercussions of war. Seabiscuit and his brother stay with their loving grandparents on their farm. Both generations learn valuable lessons from each other because of the drama or prank the boys always find themselves in. Seabiscuit, the mature gang leader, follows the others to sneak a smoke in the outhouse, steal apples from a neighbour’s tree, or drink a bit of moonshine. His grandfather sometimes breaks the law, but quick thinking Seabiscuit often has his back, especially when the game warden is chasing Gramps.

The book is filled with nostalgic memories of 1942 when the war ruined many family lives, but the farming communities supported each other through the happy and sad times. Reading this story made me realize today’s younger generation have missed out on a lot of fun. How many kids know how to climb a tree, go berry picking, catch frogs or build their own clubhouse? Seabiscuit and his friends didn’t have Internet or cell phones. But they were busy enjoying the simple pleasures of nature and could make their disgusting chores seem fun. Royal T. Honeycutt captured the spirit of an era in this well written book. The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang is amusingly filled with antics of the boys and their families while sprinkled with sadness.

Where Angels Nest

Reviewed By Michelle Robertson for Readers’ Favorite

In the Northern California Bay Area, a young girl named Laura Leah lives with her father, Captain John Perry DeMilo. John loves his daughter very much and would do anything to keep her safe from the evils and temptations of the world around them. They say a father’s love is like no other and with that comes the ultimate protection. Does the captain go too far with the protection of his daughter?

Where Angels Nest written by Richard J. Lester is a suspense novel that will leave readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation throughout each chapter. The plot contains murder, mystery, love, passion, and raw emotion of all levels. Sometimes in life, a person or persons have to hit rock bottom in order to find themselves, or what it is they want to do in life. The author portrays this many times throughout the book with the character of Laura Leah. Laura Leah does some things in life that she is not proud of and goes against her faith, butwhen she confesses her ‘sins’ she gets relief in her soul. This book is highly relatable to modern day humanity and their lives. We seek our purpose in life, and all make mistakes in doing so. It is what you learn from those mistakes, and how you act afterwards that defines you.

Although there are some explicit, very graphic, and highly detailed sexual scenes, the book is also one of a faithful nature. The main character, Laura Leah, despite all her ‘sins’, mistakes, and actions, always reverts back to her faith for comfort and relief. Reading chapter after chapter of this incredible novel, I found myself drawn to the main character on a personal level. I felt real emotion for this character, as if she were a living friend of mine and not a fictional character within a book. The story is incredibly and skillfully written, leaving a reader eager to read one suspenseful scene and chapter after another.