Richard’s Bio

Richard is an accomplished independent author and is hands down, one of the hottest and most talented free agent authors on the market today. In 20 years of writing he has written over 30 novels/novellas and an impressive body of poems. These poems are so outstanding that they earned Richard a spot in the 1997 poetic Hall of Fame.

Richard has recently come out with a new children’s fiction trilogy (The Adventure’s of BuckFart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang) under his pen name Royal T. Honeycutt. The 1st book of the trilogy has already been sung praise by Glenna Goulet, winning the editors choice award for Best Fiction in Lake Tahoe California. The trilogy is not only heartwarming but could be easily adaptable for a Disney movie. Richard J. Lester’s masterful story telling has been compared to Mark Twain in his prime by several critics.

Richard also created the first Northern CA national landmark when he opened Hobbiton USA in 1976. People came from all over the world to check out the park, and the park gained national recognition when it was almost closed due to zoning law problems. However, due to the support of fans across the world, the state of California declared Hobbiton USA a national landmark. Thus another interesting footnote in the fascinating life of Richard J. Lester aka Royal T. Honeycutt.